The Reality of the Financial and Technical Sector in Ukraine. What should be taken into account?

Fintech projects were affected by the pandemic and various events, but since then the situation has started to improve, and now there are some thoughts about the future and how to proceed. In this question, Nikita Izmailov, an investor and entrepreneur, gave some crucial answers.

He is known to many people for his work with Paris Match - a bookmaker's office, he is also one of the main shareholders of Sportbank, he has an established production fund of a sports drink "Eat Easy" and fintech fund N1. That is, a person who is familiar with this niche and has really contributed a lot to its development.

First it is worth saying that Ukraine is now not only following modern trends, but also creating them itself. And Nikita says that today there are a number of trends, which is shaping reality, and will be a priority for the financial sector in the future.

Subsequently it is worth taking a course on digitalization and digital-only. In fact, this is far from being a trend or a competitive advantage, but a real urgent need.

Integrating artificial intelligence with machine learning

A lot of today's financial and technical services businesses are creating their own trends in improving customer service through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This goes a long way toward understanding the basic needs of the customer base and meeting those needs. That is, it's having an impact on expanding the target audience, improving service quality, and automating numerous procedures.

Blockchain and mobile technology

Any businessman wants to conduct the safest possible monetary transaction, especially at the international level. And this is achieved through the use of blockchain technology, it is also possible to verify digital identity, which is also extremely important.

Therefore, blockchain is the foundation of the future financial ecosystem. It makes all processes as transparent and, most importantly, secure as possible. So it is now a must.

Ukraine is not lagging behind foreign companies in this regard, startups are constantly growing, many of which are aimed at using modern technology in financial and other spheres.

It is worth saying a few more words about mobile technology, which is designed to increase the speed of transfers and expand the customer base. In general, it is safe to say that the future will be for Generation Z. Since gamification is another trend, it is already a big part of reality. And this has to be taken into account when developing a strategy for all companies.

You have to explain, of course, that gamification is not about games and money. The point of it is to turn routine activities into an interesting and rewarding experience for the customer, while maintaining an important combination of product and game. And it is Nikita who is the main investor in Sporbank, a project that is a prime example of this combination.

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