Sibirskaya Moneta has welcomed more than 140,000 tourists since the beginning of 2021

Sibirskaya Moneta has welcomed more than 140,000 tourists since the beginning of 2021

Tourist flow to IZ "Sibirskaya Moneta" grew by 35%

According to Evgeny Deshevykh, head of Altai Krai's Department for Tourism Development and Resort Activities, the Sibirskaya Moneta gambling zone has been in high demand among visitors since the beginning of this year. Thus, in eight months of 2021 the tourist flow to the zone increased by 35% (up to 144,000 people) compared to last year, when massively restrictive measures were implemented.


According to him, IZ now officially has two residents. The companies in question are Altai Palace and Golden Swallow 8.


It is important to note that the pandemonium was not the reason for stopping construction work in the Sibirskaya Moneta gambling zone. Last June, Golden Swallow 8 announced the start of construction of a large entertainment resort on the territory, which will be based on a capacious hotel with a casino and slot machine halls.


The project involves the opening of a 150-room hotel and casino rating, a state-of-the-art gym, a bar and restaurant, an international conference hall, a swimming pool, a spa and a tennis court. All of these facilities are to be spread over an area of 10,000 square metres. Approximately 3.6 billion rubles will be allocated to implement the initiative. All the money invested is expected to be recouped within 10 years.


"The developer has all the necessary permits and approvals on hand. An expert review of the project documentation has also been carried out, and a list of technical specifications for each stage of the work has been provided. Now the project is up to date again, but it may be subject to various adjustments. They will not affect the general pattern of development," said Yevgeny Deshevikh.


Earlier one of the project investors Alexey Sakvarelidze admitted that after completion of all construction works a major hotel industry brand will enter the Sibirskaya Moneta gambling zone, which will work in Russia as a franchise.


Only one land-based casino, Altai Palace, is now officially operating in this IZ. It was launched in 2014.

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