Betting tips (such as those made by the Parimatch online team) are designed to help increase their profits. The site is staffed by experienced specialists who have been following and analyzing sporting events for many years. We try to predict the results of matches as accurately as possible by conducting a multi-factor analysis.

Gambling in sports is in a gray area. That's why there are a lot of not quite legal bookmakers with unobvious odds on the market. The task of information sites is to help find reliable bookmakers. And also to provide free betting predictions so that players make the most of their chances.

On these news sites, analysts review matches and offer free predictions. With their help, players place bets on such markets:

  • 1×2;
  • Both teams will score;
  • more than 2.5;
  • exact score;
  • always the scorer;
  • in the game;
  • batteries!

A good betting site offers advice on many sports. Users will need advice from experts in the fields:

  • IPL Prediction;
  • basketball;
  • lawn tennis;
  • sporty;
  • cricket;
  • hockey, etc.!

What is a betting forecast?

A betting prediction is a prediction that says which club should win. An expert looks at several historical events and the current state of a sports club. Based on mathematical analysis and his experience, he predicts the upcoming performances of the athletes.

When making bets, you can't rely on pure luck. Thanks to modern technology, every player has at his disposal an extensive statistical database. Many bookmakers provide databases to all clients. Parimatch Sports website has comprehensive statistics on soccer, tennis, cricket and more than 20 other sports.

Players make their predictions and compare them with the assumptions of several experts. It helps to choose the best options.

Helpful sports advice requires data collection:

  • head differential;
  • location;
  • possession!

All of this data is freely available in statistical databases. Suppose someone collects information on at least ten previous matches. In this case, the player will get enough information to predict: the more historical data, the more accurate the match prediction.

Based on the information, as well as previews of matches, the player learns:

  • expectation of purpose;
  • home game advantage;
  • the shape of the team roster, etc.!

The player knows that his favorite club plays better at home on its field: it concedes fewer goals and scores more. Then he will confidently predict by choosing the odds on his field and increase his chances of winning.

We recommend that you look at the statistics on these sites:

  • soccer:,,;
  • basketball, baseball:,,;
  • sports:,,!

Betting websites will help you find complete information about your favorite sport and the teams on which the player will bet.

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