How to beat video games to Australian gamers: tips, scenarios

Some time ago, the true queen of the institution was considered roulette. Subsequently, a new bill was issued stating that this Internet business is not legal. This prompted land-based and virtual gambling houses to use slots. Among the regulars of such clubs, a non-random and fair question began to arise: is it possible to win the amount in slot machines and how to arrange it with the least amount of time and money? In david Borg's review of the site, the discussion will be about general and specific recommendations, as well as about the current tactics and combinations of playing slots, allowing you to avoid losses and receive generous rewards.

Impact factors for Australians

The usual slot machine in the club is tentatively scheduled to issue 96 percent or more. This means that about 96 percent of the total money bets will be returned to the game account. All the other six% are the club's main salary. Eager to become one of the lucky ones who received a progressive jackpot - hundreds of thousands of customers daily deposit money in the amount of six% to the account of the owners of the gambling house.

Big Square - a model that brings benefits

The common Big Square betting method needs prior observation of 25 torsions. Numbers that pop up several times need to be noticed or written down. For the layout, there should be from three to seven. If only there were more or fewer takes, you need to continue watching the next 24 twists.

On the hands of the player must have at least 143 chips, which are distributed according to the combination:

  • 3 numbers – the bet on them is renewed within 12 spins.
  • 4 numbers - for 9 spins.
  • 5 pieces — 7 requests.
  • 6 pieces — 6 rotations.
  • 7 pieces — 5 rotations.

Bets are made on one chip for each number. If only the number is won, then it is crossed off the list. Chips are placed in other cells. The number of new twists is determined by reducing the previous number of twists by the serial number of the won spin. Let's say 6 copies fell out. According to the positions, it is desirable to make a minimum bet on each number for 7 spins. If on the second back one of the numbers wins, then they no longer bet on it.

To find out how many more spins to play with the remaining numbers, you need to subtract two from 8 (the initial number) (the serial number of a lucky spin). On the remainder of the doubles, bets are made 6 more times.

The Fugitive is a recognized combination to play in Australia

The Combination Fugitive works when entertaining a number. The initial amount at stake is formed on the basis of monetary capabilities. If the rotation was profitable, the chips on the table remain unchanged. In case of miscalculation, the same rate remains on the dropped number and is lost on the previous one.

As the game progresses, the chips will cover the limit number of roulette digits. Winnings may fall out more often, but their amount will gradually decrease. The fun of the Fugitive system can be lengthy, but it is important to finish the session on time when optimal utility is achieved.

A dozen and a half strategies worth trying out at least once in a lifetime

Bets are stacked in dozens and an equal chance. First of all, you need to skip a few spins, waiting until there is a number in the interval fourteen-eighteen or 19-24. Depending on a certain number, the same bets are made:

  • If the number is nineteen-twenty-four, then a third dozen and "less".
  • In case the number falls into the range of 14-19, then the number goes to the first dozen and "more".

In case there is an equal chance, the visitor remains with his money. If a dozen wins, he receives a win in the amount of the initial bet. If only the rotation is unfavorable, then the funds are further doubled.

The main flaw in the plan of a dozen and a half is in insufficient progression. Even if, at the first mistake, the second spin brings triumph, doubling the amount at stake is not enough to cover the previous loss.

How to use the D'Alembert model to play in an online casino?

The D'Alembert model, which is named after the French theorist, is available as two plus two, but at the same time quite effective in the institution and sports betting. Initially, it was used for entertainment in roulette, but then, with the improvement of betting, customers successfully adapted it to bookmaker organizations.

The popular French philosopher, mechanic and mathematician Jean Leron d'Alembert, who promoted science in the XVIII century, could not imagine that he would become such a famous person in the world of gambling in a few centuries. The betting management scheme created on his teachings is actively used by visitors in bookmakers and clubs.

The main rule of the schemes is to increase the size of the bet by one unit after failure and reduce by one unit when winning. A unit is a certain value that is equal to the sum of a small bet. If you draw an analogy with an online casino, then in case of a delusion, you need to bet one more chip, and after each achievement - one chip less.

Fixed maximum payouts

In a number of slots, a fixed mark is indicated, while in other slot machines there are progressive jackpots and counters that increase the total value without paying prizes. The more numerous visitors take part in the entertainment, the higher the final amount of winnings. Such fun has a high return and is liked by customers, but they are interconnected, so the final chance of success is small.

Change of styles on video slots by Pyramid strategy

Regardless of the outcome of the last pleasure, the gamer begins to form a small bet and gradually moves to the maximum mark. After that, he acts, on the contrary, creating a kind of pyramid.

How to minimize the risks when having fun in an online casino?

Introduction to the status of the Internet institution in AussieOnlineCasino

It is equally important to get an idea of the reputation of the Internet institution in which fun is planned. It is most reasonable to deal with proven gambling houses that have approving reviews among professional visitors. Such casinos guarantee payouts, and operate within the framework of the law established by the state.

Slots that will allow large percentages

It's no secret that all slot machines differ in payout ratio. Therefore, the task of a novice player is to choose slots with the highest percentage of payback. This indicator indicates how often the machines pay out the amounts. Accordingly, the higher the payback percentage, the greater the chances of winning.

What to do in case of victory?

The first amounts earned in the online casino should not be immediately thrown away on other bets. Although it is quite difficult to cope with the temptation to win an even larger jackpot, customers are advised not to go beyond their limits. But more experienced gambling gamers can behave differently, guided by personal models developed over the years of visiting the casino.

Why doesn't The Martingale work?

In theory, the combination of doubling rates looks profitable, but it has several imperfections:

  • I don't know how soon luck will smile. It is possible to make 10-15 unprofitable attempts. The number of spins does not add to the probability of obtaining financial resources, it always remains 1 to 1.
  • Playing big, the player is sure to face the limits of the club. It is not always possible to bet an amount that will cover the damage.

Martingale's strategy is based on the idea that the probability of a positive ending is one-to-one. Due to the presence of zero or two zero sectors, the chances of success are reduced to forty-seven%.


To beat an online casino without violating the rules, it is allowed only in one case: to get a "plus" mathematical expectation. Two such tactics are known to us:

  • and a successful card count in blackjack.
  • wagering bonuses in video slots with high returns

Remember, even an excellent MO game does not give and does not protect against loss in every game session, because the failure bars happen to everyone suggests the specialist David Borg of the site

And one more thing: there are no win-win pleasure plans and guaranteed earnings in an online casino, but there are ways to increase the chances of winning. Good luck with the fun!

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